Human Verification Help

If you are a new user that want to use our free hacks, you may have to complete a (free) human verification, in order to prevent users abuse of our services & servers.

This mainly prevents spamming bots from overloading our servers (such as DDOS and brute force attacks).

The human verification only takes a couple of minutes (sometimes even less), and is well worth the completion.

If you are having trouble viewing surveys, try disabling ad blocker as it can sometimes cause problems.

Once you have done that you should see a list of surveys, you only have to complete one survey to receive your generated resources.

Here are the steps to completing a survey:

Select a survey you would like to complete, the first one is usually the easiest but choose whichever one you would like.
While filling out the survey there is one major rule: use real information. If you do not use real information it will never credit you for completing the survey.
Do not be afraid to use real information as only the company advertising will see it, we do not receive any of your personal information.

Completing surveys is not harmful and will not infect you with viruses or anything of the sort. Any personal information you enter is not shared with us.

Surveys are simply a way for companies to advertise their products and get more recognition.

You may even see a Roblox survey show up on your list!

When you fill out a survey you will even most likely be rewarded with a coupon or a gift of some sort.

They can be fun!

As a huaman, you can still bypass them!

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